What is the Weight of Your Trailers?

Our S4 and S6 trailers have a TARE of 1,150KG and a GVM of 2,000KG. 


What type of vehicles are suitable for towing your camper trailers?

We recommend a off-road capable towing vehicle to get the maximum usage out of your off-road AlphaGo. Ford rangers, Toyota Hilux, Pajeros, all of this vehicle category is suitable for our trailers. 

How Safe are the AirBeams?

AlphaGo has the exclusive license to use air beams supplied by Opus camper – the world leaders in inflatable tent technology. Air beams are an exciting technology used in tent design and construction. They are essentially inflatable tubes that replace traditional tent poles, and they offer several advantages such as being lightweight, easy to set up, and providing a more stable structure than traditional pole tents.

Our inflatable tents are made of individual air beam sections – this means at any point you can isolate and easily repair any section of your air tent. 

Do You Offer Delivery Countrywide?

Our collection point is situated in Montague Gardens, Cape Town. Clients are free to collect from our premises, alternatively we can provide delivery countrywide at a fee.

What is the Warranty on Our Trailers?

We offer a 1 year warranty on our chassis and 2 year warranty on appliances and extras. Furthermore we offer a service plan and after-sales support network countrywide. 

Where Can I View Your Trailers?

Viewings are available in Cape Town and in Johannesburg.  

What are Your Payment Methods and Do You Assist with Finance?

We offer both cash and finance on orders. cash deals require a 50% refundable deposit with a 10% handling charge. 
Financing deals require a 10% or R10,000 non-refundable deposit. We work with all major banks.  

What is your Current Manufacturing Lead Time?

Our campers are proudly made in SA – due to this, our current capacity allows for a 3-4 month lead time from order.